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At the hospital

Kigan: *hugging Cureall*

Cureall: *snuggles close*

Kigan: I love you.

Cureall: *kisses* Love you.

Kigan: *rocks gently on his feet after the kiss* She's going to be alright.

Cureall: I hope so. *fits her head under his chin.*

Kigan: *holds her close, sending comfort and reassurance*

Cureall: *purrs softly*

Kigan: *looks at the big chair in the room* You should try and get some rest.

Cureall: But Oriana, she needs me! She'll think she's alone. *can be easily pushed*

Kigan: You're not leaving her, and I'll be awake. *gently tries to steer her toward the chair*

Cureall: *plods over to the chair* You sure she won't be alone? *clutches him*

Kigan: *pauses to hold her close again, projecting reassurance.* We're here in the room. And I can still feel her.

Cureall:*sighs and cuddles as she finally sits down* Promise to wake me if something changes?

Kigan: *settles on the arm of the chair* I promise.

Cureall: *smiles and powers down her optics* I will try then. *shutters them* I doubt...I...*purrs to sleep*
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